Giving a Place for Gratitude

One of the reasons I started this place is to work on living more in gratitude. I wanted to give me a place to verbalize and acknowledge that state in my life more often, rather than wallowing in the negative. My life seems to be especially challenging at times. This last year or so, I’ve become a little hippie-dippie zen about it all. I’ve come to realize I’m not special or cursed, it’s just how life happens. I’ve learned to roll with it pretty well. It’s become about being grateful for the moments, the every day miracles, and the growth the challenges bring. I have always reveled in the wondrous gifts of sunsets and ocean breezes, long drives and loud music, but the gratitude for every day things has been quietly growing in me. Perhaps because despite all the challenges thrown my way, I seem to be extremely blessed with all this amazingness that fills in the space around them. I want to give more time to acknowledge the people and things that give me so much comfort and joy, and this space seems perfect for doing that. Not only will it be good to recognize those driving forces in my life, but in my weak moments it will give me a place to realize the collective of things that I’ve got in the positive column.

One way I’m going to share my gratitude is going to be every day posts like this one. Just quick notes of thanks and recognition. Another way will be more project based. I’ve started a list of people, places and things that have been a driving force or part of turning points in the path that led me to where I am today. I haven’t decided yet how I’m going to present that – but you can watch for that coming over the next few months. It’s something I’m very excited about. Please feel to participate – I hope we can inspire each other to remember to be in the moment and be thankful for everything on our path.

Until then…here’s a fantastic video by fellow burner John “Halcyon” Styn at TEDxAmericasFinestCity earlier this year called “Crap or Cone – Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa”. It will make you laugh, and maybe tear up a little – but it’s totally worth your 17 minutes.