Life is for strange adventures, rambling conversations and deep kisses…

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35 years old. 5’7″. Average Body Type. Blonde Hair. Hazel Eyes. Not Vegan.
Non-Smoker, Social Drinker, Well-paying career, Never Married, Wants 2 Kids, Has a Cat.

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A few facts about me:
I have feminine wiles without being sugary girlie.
I like the outside and camping, but aren’t what you’d call outdoorsy.
I enjoy museums, but don’t want to spend all day in them.
I value family and love my cat.
I’m sentimental and collect things.
I’ve run a bunch of half marathons and just completed my first cycling century with Team in Training.
Halloween and Mardi Gras are my favorite holidays.
Kissing is one of my most favorite activities in the whole wide world.
I love books and bookstores, but I watch a lot of TV.
I think snuggling in bed is an acceptable way to pass an entire weekend.
I enjoy live music and entertainment and try to attend as many events as possible.
I sing in my car.
I have a little community garden plot that I love dearly.
I meditate.
Bikram yoga is amazing, but I have awful balance.
I’m crafty and clumsy.
I try and constantly push the boundaries of my comfort zone, though sometimes that happens in inches instead of feet.

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A few maybes about you:
30-42 years old. Healthy. Omnivore.
Non-Smoker, Social Drinker, Good Career Path, Never Married, Wants Kids, Like Pets.
You might know a good joke. You love live music, are an excellent flirt and great kisser, might be a burner, like tickle fights as foreplay, own hiking shoes, have a favorite craft beer and will dance with me in the kitchen while we are cooking a new recipe.

Wanna go on an adventure?