This Week on the Internet…

I missed posting last week, so here’s a digest of some rad things I’ve found over the last couple of weeks.

via Neatorama

This Killer Whale Submarine is AWESOME! Okey Dokey.

I like the concept of this Storylane site, but when they started spamming me daily trying to get me to login to their site and tell my stories, I got annoyed and unsubscribed. It made me wonder how many web accounts I have out there for services I never really got into.

The Big Picture from never disappoints with their photo journals. Check out these 65 amazing pictures of Autumn.

This is a really cool marketing campaign: Coca-Cola Vending Machine Dispenses Free Coke for Dance Moves

You gotta be careful what you’re doing to get your boost: Monster Energy Drinks Might Kill You

This was an absolute fave of the week: Photographers with their famous photos.

The Cardinals lost last night, and the best fans in baseball are pissed. These tweets are violent – wow!! Let’s keep it classy guys.

Something funny and creepy about this.

Grrrr. Photo of Woman in Underwear is an Open Invitation for the Entire Internet to Judge

These are rad. Sitcom Apartments Floor Plans. (Originally found here, and then clicked 5 times to get the real source of the imagery. Damn, reblogging is a the new content firehose.)

If you’re too busy to meditate or calm down, read this and then use this.

Did you know why we vote on Tuesdays? Me neither.

I wanna make this for my Christmas tree this year and decorate it all collage style and pin stuff on it, etc. I’m so inspired. (Thanks Laurel!):

Okay, that’s it for now. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen on the internet lately?