Taking a Look Back – Halloween Costume Retrospective

There’s a lot of social pressure in my friend group to have very cool costumes every year.  It’s always a fun challenge to be different and unique. As I try and figure out what I want to be this year, I thought I’d take a look back at the costumes I’ve collected over the past many years.

1980 – Tweety Bird

Unknown – I wuz a Wuzzle.
I wuz a Wuzzle

Unknown – Witchy
Unknown Date

I wanna say 1989-91 somewhere. Middle-schoolish times – French Maid
another halloween

1994 Maybe – Pirates

College Times – Janet / Rocky Horror Picture Show

2000 or 2001 – Naughty Red Riding Hood

2002 – Naughty Nurse

2003 – Sinderella

2004 – Bettie Page
041031 095

2005 – A Work of Art

2006 – Dust Bunny
0610 183

2007 I was a pink cowgirl for work – but wasn’t really into Halloween and didn’t take any pictures.

2008 – Lady Luck

2009 – Cloudy with a Chance of Rain
Office Halloween 2009

2010 – Queen Bee

2011 – Goddess

2012 – Don’t you wanna know?!


What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever worn? What’s your favorite that you’ve seen?  Do you know what you’re going to be yet this year?

One thought on “Taking a Look Back – Halloween Costume Retrospective

  1. I love your queen bee, and you’re the reason why I no longer dislike pun costumes.

    I love my Warrior Angel costume, because it was huge and required multiple trips to Home Depot. It still lives in my garage, but I haven’t put it on in 8 years.

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