Things I Love…This Picture.

I keep a running set of the “Most Interesting” public pictures in my Flickr account, and many of them have very sentimental moments attached to them for me. I think about some of them frequently, have others printed around my house. I want to tell their stories here. Here’s one of them…

The Most Beautiful Note in the Rain

A few years ago, I was walking in the rain down a corridor between the parking garage and a building here in Santa Cruz, when I found this note and took a picture. Almost an intrusion into a private moment between two people to not only read but document, it’s become something I have always been so very grateful to have experienced.  It has inspired me to know that type and intensity of love for a partnership and parenthood exists in this world. Thank you Za and David, where ever you are, for unintentionally helping me believe in love…and I hope that your love and family has continued to thrive.  I only hope to find something even remotely as beautiful for my future.