This week on the internet…

I love the above image.  A friend gave me a box of matches from Curly Girl Design this week, and I remembered how much I love their art, so went out and bought 4 more cards for my inspiration board at home.  I want to wallpaper my office with their cards.

I pinned quite a few household helpers to my “Good Ideas” board on pinterest this week, if you’re looking for some brilliant suggestions for making your life easier, you should check it out.

For those hippie chicks out there who like these kinds of things…here’s some Pirate Hunk Menstrual Pads.

I’m a fan of the Master Gardeners project, and used to love a PDF they had on our local Monterey Bay chapter site.  Unfortunately, that’s gone, but I found this similar chart for a neighboring county that helps figure out what to plant when.

Dude, E.T. Turns Thirty.

How do you feel about replacing your home keys with your iPhone?

Speaking of iPhones, this was clearly the most disturbing news I heard this week.  Shame on you Apple!

This was a competitor for disturbing: Japanese Officials Reveal Execution Chambers