12 Books I Finished in 2012

I could lose a whole day here!

I started and stopped a dozen more books, but these are the 12 books I actually finished in 2012 (and date finished.) Maybe my goal after I finish the really long (and unexpectedly vampire populated) book I’m reading now, (The Passage by Justin Cronin), I’ll try and knock out the 10+ non-fiction books started on my nightstand that are in various states of completion. (Cleopatra, Liars and Outliers, Compass of Pleasure, The Billionaire’s Vinegar, Start Where You Are, etc.) I haven’t been in the mood for thinking much during my reading time the last many months. 2012 was the year of brain candy – but hey, I was reading!

Dark Places
Flynn, Gillian
Dec 26, 2012

Before I Go To Sleep
Watson, S.J.
Dec 09, 2012

1st to Die (Women’s Murder Club, #1)
Patterson, James
Nov 26, 2012

Ready Player One
Cline, Ernest
Nov 26, 2012

Gone Girl
Flynn, Gillian
Nov 23, 2012

The Janus Stone (Ruth Galloway #2)
Griffiths, Elly
Oct 07, 2012

In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin
Larson, Erik
Sep 30, 2012

The Red Garden
Hoffman, Alice
Jul 29, 2012

The Dovekeepers
Hoffman, Alice
Jul 25, 2012

Defending Jacob
Landay, William
Apr 25, 2012

The Sherlockian
Moore, Graham
Apr 12, 2012

The Tiger’s Wife
Obreht, Téa
Mar 24, 2012

What have you been reading? Have any recommendations? Leave them in the comments below, or find me on Goodreads.com!

Update: Yay! I just counted and realized that I’m on a steady increase year over year. I finished 8 books in 2011, 7 books in 2010, and 6 books in 2009. (2008 was a big giant win of a string of amazing books and authors that I’ve been lusting for but not been able to recapture.)