Friday Five: Songs Getting Me Through the Day…

Oh Friday. You should be more Friday like. Today has been a mess for me. But music is helping. Cranking the radio to an 11 and dancing in my chair helps shake off the ick.

Here’s 5 songs moving my world today:

1. Eric Hutchinson – Rock & Roll

2. Matt Nathanson – Faster

3. Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

4. Neon Trees- Everybody Talks

5. Blue October – Into the Ocean

What are some songs you’re really digging these days?

I Insist on Miracles…

52 Weeks: Week 28: My Biggest Joy - Singing in the Car

When I’m having a rough time, I turn very quickly to music. Sometimes the radio is speaking to me, making me feel less alone. Sometimes the anthems on my playlist just seem to inspire me out of my dark place. Today is one of those days – and it’s totally a ‘Broadway Bound’ day.

Here is a list of some of my favorite show tune songs to belt the icky out:
Defying Gravity – “Wicked”
Popular – “Wicked”
Everything’s Coming Up Roses – “Gypsy”
Rose’s Turn – “Gypsy”
The Bitch of Living – “Spring Awakening”
Dance: Ten; Looks: Three – “A Chorus Line”
Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello Love – “A Chorus Line”
Cabaret – “Cabaret”

And of course…there’s Barbra…