I’ve had some weak moments over the past few weeks. It’s been an interesting trifecta of challenges in the personal, professional and family departments. I will readily admit there has been moments (sometimes whole days) of anger, sadness and disappointment. I confessed already that I feel things and I’m not shy about it. The loudest emotions lately have been the negative ones, but it’s really important to note that’s not all that’s been there. Actually, the last few weeks have been mostly filled with gratitude and hope. When I forget that I’m capable, my inbox and phone seems to flood with messages of encouragement and reminders that I am not alone. It’s been invigorating. It has not only kept me up, but pushed me forward with a new perspective. I find myself so excited about the potential of the amazing things to come in my life. I truly feel free and happy and on the right path. See when I’m not doubting, I really like my life, and I actually kinda like myself.  This is a really incredible place to be in and reflect from.  I am so grateful to be where I get to explore who I am now, and what direction I want to go next. I love my town, my career is in a phenomenal place, I’m working on positive relationships with amazing friends and family and there is SO MUCH TO COME.  This year is really going to be incredible.  So I may get angry or sad sometimes…it happens.  I have had some major losses in my life recently.  I’m totally allowed to feel things about those events.  But I’m really okay.  Promise.  I’m gonna make some things happen.  You just watch.